Hi everyone! Yes, this is NishiYan of Wattpad. And yes I am the one who writes fanfiction of our beloved couple, KathNiel. After seeking and seeking for another shelter away from WP, I finally decided to come up with a blog.

Here, you’ll find my works and will update them regularly. Also, I’ll share my thoughts about random ‘stuff’ here. I’ll try my very best not to rant! 😂 And most importantly, I will do giveaways here. I might do it weekly or monthly or twice a month. Who knows? As of the moment, giveaways will only be restricted for Philippine residents. But, I might try to open it to other Asian residents. After all, KathNiel is conquering Asia one country at a time, right?

Thank you everyone! And I hope that you will still support me.


  1. regine espinosa says:

    Congrats for your new blog.. i am one of your avid reader in wp.. kathniel lovers also..hope to read more of your stories specially ur Tell Me.. congrats again 😀😀😀


  2. Linda says:

    Hello Nishi! Im happy to see & join your blog. Before I was reading your story “Tell Me” in wattpad but unfortunately it was cut. How can I continue reading this story thru your blog? I tried searching it in your page but it can’t be located. I’ll be very happy and very eager to read all your works coz I know you are a very good and intillegent writer. More power to you. 🌹🌹🌹


    • As of the moment, TBF pa lang po ung unti unti kong nalilipat. Currently busy with other things, ehem, CHFIL, ehem. Pero gradually, mapupunta din ung TellMe dito. Thank you. 😊


  3. Melai says:

    Hello Miss Nishi , melai here from SG.. A co-KN,and avid follower since y started writing at wattpad.. Hoping for more stories here heheeh yaaay kinikilig ako..followed po kita sa twitter 😊😊😊😊


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